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Learn How to Test and Improve your ABAP Programming Skills

Posted by on May 29th, 2012 at 1:58pm

After 5 weeks of grueling intense class room training, covering 1000’s of pages of material and hundreds of labs, it’s now time for your ABAP certification exam. The anxiety leading up to this 3 hour do or die multiple choice exam is intense and the time is now upon you. Your nerves are whacked. If only you had a chance to get a sneak preview. What do the questions look like? How tough are they? Where do you turn for help?

Programmers from other languages like Java and C+ have a wealth of practice tests, forums, communities, and social media at their fingertips that supports their programming world. However, in the SAP world, the largest enterprise software company in the world it is simply not available. This comes as a bit of a shock to developers coming into the world of SAP programming. You are probably asking yourself what kind of online resources are out there to test my ABAP Skills.

A secret weapon to certification success
A little about myself, I have been an ABAP programmer, manager and instructor for well over 25 years.And during my days as an ABAP instructor, I saw that students were failing the SAP certification course because they didn’t have a tool that could help them test their ABAP skills as they were learning.

I wanted to help my fellow ABAP programmers, and I spent 1000’s of hours in developing a top level ABAP testing platform. I made sure the content was prepared by world class trainers, making every effort to ensure every student of mine had a high pass rate and certification success. Most of all, I wanted to deliver a quality skills assessment tool that will serve the ABAP community well.

Learn to program ABAP faster
As an ABAP instructor, I know that it is easier for students to learn faster if the questions were well written. So I designed the questions and answers to help you think through each answer and test your knowledge. You must take time to think through each answer to arrive at the correct answer. Just like developing code in the real world. Plus, I made sure that there is context sensitive help for each question.

Plus, there are lots of other cool features like scoring reports, review capability, and customizing features that all combine for a rapid approach to learning.

Get ready for your technical interview
I also designed CodeExcellence ABAP Skills Assessment to be more than just for practicing for your upcoming ABAP exam. It can be used to brush up or refresh your knowledge of technical topics.

You can accelerate your learning and improve your technical knowledge immediately. The ABAP Skills Assessment offers you thousands of questions organized by technical category to test specific skill and knowledge. It is customizable so you can create your own flavor of tests based on your own battery success tracking reports. Just keep taking those tests, over and over, and over until you achieve your desired competency.

We love our Community
And our community loves us back! Here’s a sampling of our awesome member testimonials who have and are still using CodeExcellence Skills Assessment to test, collaborate, build their ABAP skills to launch their own Rockstar developing careers.

‘I have learned so much and had a lot of fun doing it. Even though my exam is over (Thank goodness), I visit codeExcellence regularly to test and improve my knowledge.’
– Amin , Capetown, South Africa

‘I have recently completed my ABAP certification successfully. I attribute the success to the relevant questions that I used to review myself from your website. I highly recommend the questions that are found here.’ – Stephen Yu. Chicago

Learn with a friend
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Let us know how you did on your exam on Facebook, we love hearing from our community!

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