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‘I would just like to say thanks for providing an excellent test tool which is free to use! It has helped me learn a lot of the finer points of ABAP’
– Jason Mitchum

‘I recently got certified as a SAP technical consultant and your website contributed a great deal to that. I kept on taking the practice exam’s over and over until I felt comfortable with the subjects. I have to say your tests really helped me identify my weakest subjects and allowed me to study accordingly.’
– Docelyn

‘I was being positioned for a job as a ABAP dialog programmer. The anticipation of the interview made me feel very uneasy. The company interviewer asked me very detailed questions about update tasks, screen flow, and customer exits. I was so glad to have codeExcellence to prepare myself for the interview. I am now very happy in my new job.’
– AlfonsoCaracas, Venezuala

‘I recently took my SAP ABAP certification and came out with flying colours. Your site was very very helpful and I thank you all for having maintained good content and structuring it appropriately. I found that the content was updated continually and am sure it will be very helpful for those who are planning to venture into SAP’
– V. Suresh Velan, USA

‘I have recently completed my ABAP certification successfully. I attribute the success to the relevant questions that I used to review myself from your website. I highly recommend the questions that are found here.’
– Stephen Yu

‘Thank-you for helping me prepare for the exam. I was so nervous. codeExcellence really re-assured me that I knew my material and was ready for the exam. But the nervous feeling in my stomach never went away until I received my actual certification.’
– Sasha from Oslo, Norway

‘I felt confident answering the very difficult SAP exam questions, thanks to codeExcellence.’
– Keith from London, UK

‘I have to tell you that without codeExcellence…..it would have been a different situation. It turned out to be an invaluable tool to study with. My classmates agreed.’
– Mike from Calgary, Canada

‘ I used the codeExcellence questions as a basis for studying and preparing for the exam. I highly recommend this site’
– Ming from Honk Kong