How does CodeExcellence’s Program work?

As a member, you have to refer us a new potential customer and set up a demo appointment. The ideal contact is with a Director, a project manager, or an architect.

To set up an initial meeting or demo, simply email CodeExcellence Referral_Program with details of yourself, the prospect company, the name and contact information of the manager.

Once we approve this request, we will set up the demo meeting and register the lead under your name. If the prospect turns into a customer, you will receive a referral fee equivalent to 10% of the value of the contract, up to $10,000.00.

The Fine Print

It’s always easier to play by the rules when you know what they are. Only join the program if you meet the following criteria:

    • Valid email addresses must be used for yourself and the Company
    • The Company must not be a government or public sector entity
    • Your primary occupation must not be a commercial agent

That’s it. Simple. You help set up a meeting, we do the rest.

Who Can Join

CodeExcellence’s Referral Program rewards members that refer new opportunities to us. As individuals developer you play an important role as influencers and trusted advisors for our client market. The CodeExcellence toolset provides you and your company with the means to virtually eliminate quality code issues before they become a problem.

 Who Can Register A Lead

Members of the CodeExcellence Referral Program are eligible to submit leads. Send us an email and start making money just by leveraging your existing network!

How to Identify Opportunities

Any time a CodeExcellence Referral Program member is in contact with a company who uses SAP, there exists an opportunity to refer this company to codeExcellence. Potential prospects could include companies that:

      • Have not yet implemented code quality monitoring and governance software.
      • Want to improve code quality, system stability and performance.
      • Want to deliver better results to customers on time and on budget.
      • Aim to reduce old custom code maintenance and new custom development costs.

How to Qualify a Lead

Things to look for when qualifying the interest level of a prospect:

      • Description of the software needed
      • Estimated budget
      • Estimated timeline for implementation
      • Competitive landscape

What does it cost me?

Nothing. It’s free to be a member.

How do I get started? 

Leads must be for companies that are:

    • Net new opportunities to CodeExcellence
    • In the SME space
    • Interested in continuous quality monitoring, assurance and management software
    • Program terms and payments are governed by the CodeExcellence Referral Program guide and agreement.


How will I be paid?

You can choose to be paid by electronic payment or cheque.

Do I need to request a payout?

No. Once your referral has been validated and approved, electronic payment or cheque is processed automatically. Please ensure that you provide us with accurate information so that payments aren’t delayed.

What if I don’t receive a payment?

Payments are processed at the end of the month. Cheques can take up to 4 weeks to arrive at their destination and 6 weeks if sent internationally. If you still do not have your check 6 weeks after the end of the calendar month, please e-mail us at and we will issue you a new cheque. We can only reissue payment in the original form of payout.