End to End Automation Platform

Prevent technical issues from impacting the Business

Upgrade as a Service

Impact Analysis for Hana Migration and support pack Upgrades. Effortlessly deliver a clear action plan with prioritized tasks.   

AI Monitor

AI powered intelligence that provides continuous insights into your entire SAP landscape, identifying trouble spots and remedial actions. 

Ops Master

Increase the effectiveness of your DevOps with automated code reviews that drive quality, compliance, and transport readiness 

Hana & Support Packs
Simplify Your Upgrade

Reduce the endless manual analysis involved in executing an upgrade. With Hawkeye, move past the time-consuming cycles and directly onto a prioritized to-do list. Hawkeye’s automation bots quickly generate action plans and concise, prioritized tasks.  


The traditional approach to testing is arduous, time-consuming, and riddled with delays and relentless analysis to determine what requires testing. With scan analysis automation, know precisely what needs testing for the support pack being applied to your R3 system. A focused plan for quality testing means that your team delivers faster, more accurate upgrades.

Easy Hana Migration

Walk into your S/4HANA Migration with an action plan to succeed. Run the scan analysis on your R3 system and accelerate your migration path from where you are to HANA.
Reduce the worries about cost, business disruption, and ultimate value of this move with our S/4HANA migration audit.

Auto-analysis engines will identify:  

  • The current transaction codes that can be replaced by out of the box Fiori apps

  • Technical objects in your existing system that must be re-mediated prior to the conversion

  • Which transactions are not being used, and can be archived

  • How much of your custom code needs to be migrated, the mandatory remediation requirements, and what aspects of your custom-code footprint ought to be optimized to take advantage of HANA’s speed

  • What parts of your database need to be migrated, and what can be removed due to lack of use

  • The hardware requirements for this move: CPU, Memory and disk space


Once migrated to S/4HANA, implement our AI Monitor to ensure all new development remains compliant with HANA best practices.

Quality Control

Boost application quality and delivery. Continuously monitor every phase of the software development process, ensuring adherence to software engineering standards. Dashboard oversight lets you know when the code is tested and ready to be promoted. Prevent bug-riddled and poor-performing applications from making their way into your production systems.

Production Performance

Keep your DevOps team in front of performance and resource production issues. Easily pinpoint usage and stability issues hampering your production applications. Tools and dashboards equip your front line production support with root-cause details that help solve application crashes. 

AI Monitor

Ensure consistency and quality with all custom development. Development Leads can easily keep watch over development and transports so that standardization and compliance is easily achieved. Quality gates and controls help run a best-in-class development team that produces high quality output with minimal errors.


Developer Workbench full of productivity tools. Keep skills tuned and produce great code. Empower the developers to do a great job.

Transport Control

Your Go/No-Go gate that makes the decision to release and promote transports through the landscape risk free. Know the impact before releasing anything to production by seeing the dependencies, collisions, and trouble-spots first-hand. Never again make the mistake of releasing too soon.